SOUNDS OF SINATRA MUSIC features an exceptional group of professional musicians working with highly renown tribute artists, delivering a premier experience based on the life of one of the greatest American icons: Frank Sinatra. It is a show that has evolved and developed in concert with the TONY T. ORCHESTRA, comprised of very dedicated, professional musicians. Our tribute artists pay homage to this legendary performer with stories and songs that bring back the golden era! The show captures the emotion and the sound of this unique period where swing was king!

For the most part, the original arrangements are utilized to preserve that classic big band sound. Members of the group include talented musicians who’ve performed on Broadway and TV, recorded on major record labels, and toured with international acts. Much love and care to detail allows us to present this extraordinary musical journey through the career of one of the greatest performers of all time.

Sounds of Sinatra Music can scale their group from a trio with a tribute artist, up to an 8 piece group with a full rat-pack cast. We have the right mix for any engagement!